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Picturesque Studies: Visual Attributes of Cities

Poster One: This student's work borrowed Gordon Cullen approach as described in "Townscape." The student created a "serial vision" of the corridor, which consists of a sequence of pictures along his pathway. Later he described his visual perception into a frequency diagram..

Poster Two: This student's work tries to register the urban experience drawing a correlation between the perceptions of pedestrians versus motorists in the same path. For that he first breaks down the urban elements that create the environment, such as structures, roads, fences, and lettering. Later he summarizes this perception graphically.

Poster Three: This student documents the presence of six types of experiential content along the corridor: intimacy, propriety, bluntness and vigour, geometry, intricacy, and sculpture. He also shows two types of relationships that appear along the corridor: juxtaposition and scale.

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