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Winton Place Framwork Plan

This framework plan for Winton Place considers different districts, gateways and paths. There are three distinct districts of Winton Place: the Commercial district that lays along the Mill Creek, the green industrial belt which divides the commercial from the last one, the neighborhood district of Spring Grove Village. The proposal consists of a) the redesign of the commercial development to cater to transit, b) a green industrial belt that compliments the existing industry, and c) a small scale business district designed to serve Spring Grove Village. Also the primary gateway has been reformatted to coexist with the new green industry and the transit oriented development, while giving Winton Place a unique character.

Framework Plan
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Individual Work:
Industrial Business Incubator and Shipping Center 1
Industrial Business Incubator and Shipping Center 2
Reviewing the Neighborhood Business District
Winton Place TOD
Green Gateways

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