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Engineering Work on the MLK/Madiosn Corridor:

During the spring quarter 2009, six groups of civil, transportation, environmental, and structural engineering students worked on their capstone projects addressing a variety issues in the area of the MLK/Madison corridor and the neighbirhood of Madisonville. According to the focus of their projects, the six groups were subdivided into two categories: "Improvements on Madion Road and Red Bank Expressway", and "Greening Madisonville."

Improvements on Madison Road and Red Bank Expressway
Under the supervision of Professors Richard Miller and Frank Russell engineering students developed their capstone projects with focus on the MLK/Madison Corridor and the neighborhood of Madisonville. The proposals presented here address three main issues. The first issue is the need for the redesign of intersections along Red Bank Expressway in order to accomodate future increase in traffic due to redevelopment plans as proposed by the City of Cincinnati. The second issue is the need for redesign of the low rail bridge at Madison and Kenwood. The third issue is the redesign of Madison Road in the neighborhood of Madionville in order to accomodate multi-modal transportation options such as pedestrian, transit and bicycle. The proposals also includes streetscape interventions with incorporation of medians, street furniture and street lighting.

The Future of Red Bank Expressway: Interchange Design at Duck Creek, Madison, and Erie
Redesign of Low Overpass at Kenwood and Madison
Redesign of Madison Road
Greening Madisonville
The capstone projects of the three groups of engineers presented here address issues related to environmental preservation and sustainability in the area of Madisonville. Proposals to improve the quality of the natural and man-made environments focused on three main issues. The first group applied aspects of the current stream restoration theory in order to update the 1976 Plan for the Little Duck Creek Corridor. The second group focused on green stormwater infrasturcture by creating a Best Management Practice decision tree and applying it to the Stewart Avenue in Madisonville. Finally, the third group proposed the incorporation of green infrastructure to MedPaceís proposed redevelopment plan for the NuTone site (at the corner of Red Bank Expressway and Madison Road. The cost and benefits comparison between MedPaceís plan and the green infrastructure proposed here may assist the developerís decision-making process..

Stream Restoration: Updating the 1976 Plan for the Little Duck Creek Corridor
Green Stormwater Infrastructure of Madisonville
MedPace Redevelopment of the NuTone Site: Proposed Green Infrastructure