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Urban Design and Implementation Strategies:

The final assignment of this quarter focused on urban design and implementation strategies in Madisonville, at the east end of the MLK-Madison corridor. This work is relevant and timely to city planning and community development work which is currently being conducted. The goal of this assignment is to have interdisciplinary student teams conduct background studies and urban design/engineering/implementation simulations in specific areas of interest identified by city staff and community stakeholders.

Transportation Issues
Studies presented in this section include proposals for improvements along two main transportation axes in the Madisonville area: Madison Road and Redbank Expressway.

Improvements on Madison Road
Low Rail Overpass at Kenwood and Madison
Redbank Expressway Right-of-Way
Nutone/MedPace Site
Proposals presented in this section focus on the redevelopment of the former Nutone site considering the needs of MedPace as the future occupant.

Comprehensive Redevelopment of Madison and Redbank Intersection
Integration of MedPace campus, Madisonville and Redbank Road
Urban Collage
Site Redevelopment As Inspired by Ian McHarg's Ecological Method
Infill Development
Proposals presented in this section address interventions on the existing urban fabric in order to enhance commercial and residential areas in Madisonville.

Neighborhood Business District (NBD) Infill
Arts-District Development Using Form-Based Code
Form-Based Code Application at Bramble and Whetsel
Natural Assets
Studies presented in this section focused on the restoration, preservation and enhancement of natural areas as well as solutions for stormwater management in Madisonville.

Restoration of Natural Areas
Stormwater Management
Implementation Strategies
Studies presented in this section analyzed implementation aspects of the plans proposed for Madisonville.

Finance Strategies
Stakeholder Analysis