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Spring Grove Village:

Vision: The Spring Grove Village Community Framework Plan will provide plans to promote walkability, cohesion within the neighborhood core and across land uses, human scale and environmentally conscious industry, and dense business districts. The plan will feature aspects of Complete Streets to improve safety for all traffic. Traffic calming strategies will be emphasized within the neighborhood core to suppress through traffic and improve quality of life for residents. Gateways will be identied and enhanced to add to community identity. The plan will work to promote redevelopment in the industrial area to emphasize the need for mixed use, green industry, and human scale industrial buildings. Dense transit oriented development along I-75 will draw through traffic o of I-75 and into a mixed use district conveniently located to draw economic growth into the neighborhood. These plans will work together to build a more cohesive neighborhood with an unmistakable identity and improved quality of life.

Framework Plan:
Spring Grove Village framework poster

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