Integrated Design

Metropolis and Mobility

Engineering Studio

In the fall semester of 2012, engineering students examined issues surrounding urban transportation and in addition studied environmental and construction issues. The students did background research and case studies about diverse transportation alternatives for their final project that will be delivered next semester. This winter course in 2013 will be an interdisciplinary course with the Urban Planning students.


Identity, Education, and Wayfinding: BRT and Bike Paths
Transit-Oriented Development(TOD): Case Studies on TOD near BRT Routes
Wasson Way Bike Path: Funding & Associated Development
Bike Paths: Safety and Road Share: Summary and Research
Transit Signal Priority and Operations: Recommendations for BRT
Cincinnati BRT System: Vehicles, Rider Issues, Safety
Cincinnati Bikeway: Right-of-Way and Environment
Bus Rapid Transit: Right of Way
Cincinnati Bicycle Pathway: Conveniences, service and operations and weather issues

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