Economic and community impacts of
the revitalized Music Hall

The CDC collaborated with the University of Cincinnati Economic Center of the College of Business to analyze the impact of the revitalization and future operations of Cincinnati's Music Hall. CDC studied the changing context of Over-the-Rhine and the position of Music Hall as an influential anchor within it.

The first part of this report, by the Economic Center studies the economic impact of renovation expenditures, anticipated operations of Music Hall in 2015, as well as the fiscal impacts generated from both. The operations impact is measured from the projected operating expenditures of the four resident companies- Cincinnati Ballet, Cincinnati Opera, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, and May Festival.

The second part of this report done by the CDC, details the position of Music Hall as an influential anchor within its urban context. The location of Music Hall is shown in relation to other arts institutions and to the substantial investment in the area. Changing demographic and social indicators are illustrated and discussed relative to Music Hall. Connectivity is analyzed between Music Hall and the existing and proposed arts, entertainment, and cultural clusters within the area. And finally Music Hall is understood in relative terms to other arts organizations in attendance, revenue, and employment measures.

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