Environmental Issues and Precedents

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By 2023, a Changed World in Energy, a 2013 article from the The New York Times about a new energy paradigm.

Urban Decay, Redefined: City Hopes to Turn Yard Clippings and Food Scraps Into Heat, Electricity, a 2008 article from the Boston Globe about a proposed compost-fueled electricity plant in Boston. Reposted on SouthbridgeDump.org.


A Paler Shade of Green, a 2013 article questioning the scientific value of high-performance-building case studies.

Greening America’s Schools: Costs and benefits, a 2006 study from Capital-E that quantifies the benefits of using green technologies in schools.

Red Cross Disaster Operations Center in Keystone Parke in Evanston

Eco-Houses Won’t Cost You As Much Green, a 2006 article from the Cincinnati Enquirer about a eco-house demonstration project in Anderson Township designed for the entry-level buyer.

Cincinnati Public School Designs Attract National Spotlight, a 2008 article from Soapbox Cincinnati about green design at the Academy of Multilingual Immersion Studies School.


A Spanish Treasure on the Water: Zaragoza Prepares for an International Expo, an article from Cincinnati.com.

  • A guide to shows and pavilions from BlooLoop.com.
  • Stormwater as Entertainment: Integrating Stormwater Management With the Urban Landscape, a 2009 article from Stormwater journal about stormwater education programs in Portland, Oregon.

    Urban Sustainability

    Study by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy ACEEE on three detailed case studies in developing policies, goals and programs for the control of the Urban Heat Islands effect: Houston, Cincinnati, and Washington.

    Increasing Residential And Employment Density Could Mean Reductions In Vehicle Travel, Fuel Use And Carbon Dioxide Emissions, a 2009 article from ScienceDaily about a report linking development density with carbon footprint.

    Sustain Change: ASU Researchers Discover Keys to Promoting Habits for a Healthier Planet, a 2009 article from ASU Magazine about lifestyle choices and sustainability.

    Lecture on sustainable cities from Arup director Peter Head.

    Entering the Ecological Age, a presentation by Arup director Peter Head.

    The Promise of Green Urbanism: Lessons from European Cities, chapter 13 from Green Urbanism: Learning from European Cities by Timothy Beatley.


    Fernald Nature Preserve, formerly the Fernald Uranium Processing Facility in Crosby Township

    Sustainability Comes of Age, a 2009 article from The New York Times about the ecological movement’s shift of focus from rural to urban issues.

    The Environmental State of The Union: A Survey of Pollution, Energy Use and Policy in all 50 States from 24/7 Wall St.

    Design Picked for Wildlife Crossing - a 2011 New York Times article about a proposed wildlife overpass over I-70 in Colorado.

    Next Generation of Wildlife Crossings Un-Vailed in ARC Competition - design competition winners for wildlife crossings over highways.