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Food Environment Atlas, an interactive map of the U.S. concerning food issues statistics

HealthLandscape, an interactive map atlas for healthcare providers, payers, policy makers, and community planners.

Philadelphia Local Food Network

Grocery List Collection. This person collects grocery lists sent in to him and posts them on his website. He accepts any grocery list made or found, hilarious lists encouraged. http://keaggy.com/grocerylists/

Stirling University, Institute of Retail Studies

American Cancer Society

http://www.acnielsen.com/services/ (a site regarding different links with customer research - Derek Mason )

http://www.acnielsen.com/news/american/us/2002/20020506.htm (This site is for ACNielsen American customer behavior - Derek Mason )

http://www.groceryheadquarters.com/index.cfm (This is a site for grocery companies and info regarding the industry - Derek Mason )

http://industry.java.sun.com/javanews/stories/story2/0,1072,10157,00.html (Safeway and IBM today unveiled the world’s first personalized remote shopping service that lets customers use hand-held devices to build and submit grocery orders in advance - revolutionizing food shopping for the millennium. - Milind Surve)

http://www.shoppingcartabuse.com/ (a site devoted to the horrors of shopping cart abuse - seriously? - Jay Blackburn)

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Lost in the Food Desert from The Cinncinati Enquirer

Food Incubators Produces Jobs, Food Security: a EcoWatch Column by Megan Quinn Bachman

Walgreens Tackles Food Deserts: Several Walgreens locations in Chicago have started offering fresh produce, in part because of a market analysis based on Mari Gallagher’s 2006 study on food deserts in that city. New York Times Magazine 11/12/2010

Price Hill Food Access Project student PowerPoint presentation for DAAP School of Planning course GIS Project Formulation and Management, Spring 2008.

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The Hot Spot For Organic Food from The New York Times

Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?, a 2011 New York Times article that explores the barriers to healthy eating.

Walkability and Obesity in the Contiguous 48 U.S. States, a map by Master of Community Planning student Juliana Silveira.

Healthy employees: A competitive advantage, a 2002 feature article from ISHN about implementing a Total Health Strategy (THS) to ensure that all employees are active participants in wellness programs, resulting in healthier workers.

The Future Costs of Obesity: National and State Estimates of the Impact of Obesity on Direct Health Care Expenses, 2009.

Health Care Savings Could Start in the Cafeteria New York Times, November 28, 2009. An examination of health benefits of providing better foods in the workplace. Explores whether employers can see the benefits of lower healthcare costs by spending more in the cafeteria.

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Ovens on Feet Beckon Germans to Bratwurst, a New York Times article from 2009 about public sausage vending in Germany

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Quit Day. Food Safety & Tobacco Use: Puttong Food On America's Tables


Tunnel Vision Hoops Enhances Urban Agriculture, an article from EcoWatch Journal

The secret mall gardens of Cleveland, a Grist blog article from 2010 about a shopping mall in Cleveland that has started using its center atrium as a greenhouse.

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Community Food Security Assessment USDA

Common sources of Data for Community Food Assessments

The Food Pipeline


A Simple Fix for Farming, a 2013 article from The New York Times, an article from The New York Times

Fruits Activists: Tasty, and Subversive, Too, a 2013 article from The New York Times about a fruit park in Los Angeles, part of a growing "fruit activist" movement, a variation on a theme of urban agriculture.

Rent-a-Plot: Germany’s Garden Ghettos, a 2006 article from Spiegel Online International about Schrebergartens in Germany.

Field Report:Plowshares - Crop Mob’s Barn Raising for the Facebook Generation, an article about the Crop Mob phenomenon. From New York Times February 28, 2010 pages 22-23.

Raise a Glass: A Toast to the Passionate, If Unlikely, Vintners Found West of I-75, a November 2008 article in Cincinnati Magazine about wine producers on Cincinnati’s West Side.

Farming on the Edge

Conservation Options Conneticut Farmland

Food and Agriculture 1: Kentucky Farms and Foods

Food and Agriculture 2: Consumer Trends and Opportunities

New Jersey Farmland

Developers Find True Cash Flow. Cincinnati Enquirer. Sunday April 4, 2004.

Institute for Agricultural Trade Policy


City of Cincinnati's Motion.

Why a Big Mac Costs Less Than a Salad, The New York Times, March 9, 2010.

Barry, Dan. About New York: Vending Rules Put Sidewalks in a Muddle. The New York Times, Saturday, October 11, 2003

Cincinnati Municipal Code Chapter 839 PEDDLERS AND ITINERANT VENDORS

Cincinnati Municipal Code Chapter 845 MARKETS

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