I-71 Corridor Studies, Plans, and Data

Entire Corridor | Evanston | Mt Adams | Avondale | Walnut Hills | Kennedy Heights | MLK Dr / I-71 Interchange | Norwood

Entire Corridor

Plan from the Cincinnati Park Board’s Natural Resource Management Section: reconnecting neighborhoods and natural systems divided by freeways; planting/reforestation along freeways

I-71 Corridor Light Rail Preliminary Engineering Report, 2001


Evanston - Five Point Urban Renewal Plan, 2003

Evanston NBD Urban Renewal Plan, 1998

Mt Adams

Mt Adams Neighborhood Strategic Plan, March 2009


North Avondale NBD Urban Design Plan, 1992

Avondale Community Council Community Forum PowerPoint presentation on the Avondale Vision Plan, 2004.

Burnet Avenue Revitalization Strategy, 2005, produced for the Uptown Consortium by Goody Clancy of Boston.

Making the Second Ghetto in Cincinnati: Avondale 1925-1970, a 20th century demographic-historic context of Avondale, taken from Race and the City: Work, Community, and Protest in Cincinnati, 1820-1970 by Charles F. Casey-Leininger

Avondale Community Vision, 2004, produced by the Avondale Community Council and other stakeholders.

Walnut Hills

Walnut Hills Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area Application, 2004

2008 PowerPoint outline of municipal community development programs, focusing on Walnut Hills

Peebles Corner / Southwest Corner development proposal from Glaserworks, 2008

Mayors’ Institute on City Design: recommendations to Mayor Mark Mallory concerning Walnut Hills, from the Mayors’ Institute, 2006

Walnut Hills: An Analysis of Current Conditions from Master of Community Planning students, winter quarter 2009

Kennedy Heights

Kennedy Heights Comprehensive Community Plan, 2003

Martin Luther King Dr / I-71 Interchange

I-71/MLK Interchange Study Submittal from HDR Engineering to Cintinnati Department of Tramsportation, July 2008

Request for Proposals and Scope of Work from the City of Cincinnati for MLK/I-71 interchange, 2008


Remaking Cities: At What Price?, a 2006 special report series from the Cincinnati Enquirer on the Rookwood Commons development proposal and eminent domain in Norwood