Urban Imaging

Imaging Cities

Imaging Cities

With Tools on Web, Amateurs Reshape Mapmaking

Income inequality, as seen from Space.

Improv Everywhere Videos


The West Wing

UrbMet, an interactively map that explores energy and material intensities in US cities.

A Short Guide to 60 of the Newest Urbanisms, a 2011 Planning magazine article comparing perspectives on classifying and conveiving cities.

Slime Mold Proves to Be a Brainy Blob, a 2010 article from the New York Times about an experiment in which slime mold reproduced Tokyo’s regional rail network in a petri dish.

Scents and the City, a sensory experience map of Manhattan from the New York Times.

Sociological Theory and Urban Change, a PowerPoint presentation from former Community Design Center employee Patrick Kennealy about social and spatial theory as applied to cities.

Walking the City: Manhattan Projects, a 2006 article from Places Journal about experiencing and interpreting New York City from a pedestrian’s perspective.