Winter Weather Information

Snow on holly


When the weather outside is frightful, here is how to know whether or not to shovel the driveway and head for your OLLI classes.

No OLLI classes at any location when UC is closed.

UC has occasionally closed for extreme cold as well as likely threat of severe weather—even when there is no snow on the ground. Also, the status may change from delay to closure in the course of a day.

To find out whether UC is closed or delayed, check local media, call 513-556-3333, or go online. If UC is closed, nobody will be in the OLLI office to answer the telephone or check email.

For delays, only classes that begin after UC opens will take place.

Adath Israel, Ohio Living Llanfair, Spring Grove Cemetery, or other class locations may close when UC is open. In that case, OLLI classes at those locations will be cancelled. Check local media or call 513-556-9186.

Moderators may choose not to hold a class even when UC is open. In that case, it is up to the moderator to contact enrollees in a timely manner as well as let the office know at 513-556-9186.

If your class is cancelled because of weather, it is up to the class moderator whether or not to make it up. The moderator will notify the class about make-ups, which generally take place the week after regular classes end.

Most important of all: stay warm and be safe—even if it means you have to miss a class!