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The Higher Education Mentoring Initiative




AT&T Inc. Fund: AT&T understands that these are challenging times, filled with budget reductions, resource constraints, and the need for superior technology solutions in the classroom.  AT&T has retained the services of the Grants Office LLC to help its customers identify grants that support their Education Program needs.  AT&T has engaged in this program to help our Education customers identify sources of funding that support your goals and initiatives.


Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr. / U.S. Bank Foundation: Many years ago, Carol and Ralph established their Foundation to facilitate their annual giving. But they also wanted the Foundation to be the steward of their wealth, to ensure the funds would be used to improve the communities they loved and cherished.  Both Carol and Ralph felt strongly that education was the key to ensuring quality of life. We will support those education initiatives that bring about systemic change along the cradle to career continuum, provide educational outreach opportunities to our underserved students and bring about positive impact across the region for all children.

Insured Success:  The motto of Insured Success is “Building Bridges from Foster Care to Independency through Education.”  This organization works with many different community agencies related to Hamilton County’s foster children.

United Way of Greater Cincinnati: United Way of Greater Cincinnati is a nonprofit that helps people live their best lives by harnessing the compassion and resources of the community.


Ohio Reach: Ohio Reach improves post-secondary outcomes for foster care youth and alumni through advocacy, leadership, networking and empowerment.