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Canvas First Steps and Tips

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Before You Begin Building a Course

Canvas Course Creation

Canvas courses will be created automatically each semester, and instructors will be added to their courses.

  • If you are an instructor and don’t see a course you are teaching, verify that your college has transitioned to Canvas, then contact your college's Canvas Ambassador for help. 
  • See the Canvas Transition Schedule to view your college transition schedule. 
  • If your college has transitioned, view the Canvas Course Creation Schedule to find out when to expect courses to appear for the upcoming semester. 

If your college has not yet transitioned, view While you wait to find out what you can do now.


Image of three columns.  Column 1: a computer icon and under it the heading "Use Imported Blackboard Content" [for] Course Files and Documents (Word, PowerPoints, PDFs, and other documents you've created.  Column 2: dots connected by lines icon and under it the heading "Gather and Upload Separately" [for] Announcments, Assignments, Discussion Boards, plus Tests, Surveys and Pools.  Column 3: notepad and pen icon and under it the heading "Start Fresh" [for] Rubrics; Groups and Group Tools; Wiki, Blogs and Journals; Content Areas/Learning Modules.

Moving content from Blackboard to Canvas

Blackboard course content will not automatically be migrated to Canvas. Instead, instructors are asked to review their Blackboard courses to see what they need from those courses for their new Canvas courses. 

Because of the differences between Canvas and Blackboard, some types of Blackboard content imports well, others require cleanup, and some may need to be recreated. The Moving Content from Blackboard to Canvas guide explains your options and provides a step-by-step guide to migrate your content. 

IMPORTANT: UC’s contract with the Blackboard Learning Management System will end on June 30, 2020. After this date, content users will no longer be able to instantly retrieve content directly through Blackboard. The Canvas Project Team is evaluating archive retrieval options and more information will be provided as it becomes available. 

Canvas First Steps

To get started, login to Canvas and complete UC Canvas 101. After that, open a "Sandbox" and begin building your course using our Canvas QuickStart Guide for Faculty. You will be able to copy the course you design in your Sandbox into your course shell, once it is available.

Canvas also offers many guides and video tutoials. Here are a few recommended guides and video tutorials to help get you started.