Canvas Guides

Canvas is now UC's cloud-based teaching and learning management tool that's accessible from any location via a web browser. Every day, Canvas will be used by students and faculty to enhance our collaborative learning environment.

Canvas' broad capabilities and intuitive functions are adaptable, reliable, and customizable. Key benefits include making course management and grading easier; reducing student questions about expectations, assignments, and resources; and enhancing student-centered learning and engagement.

Guides and Video Tutorials

If you're new to Canvas, start at the beginning with the Canvas Basics Guide. It answers key questions broken down by the following categories:

For comprehensive and in-depth information, go to the Canvas Instructor Guide. You'll find details on how to do things like: create assignments and post announcements; organize and manage modules; and view, grade, and comment on assignment submissions. For your convenience, you can access each topic in the guide from the list below:

Video Tutorials

If you would prefer to watch a video tutorial, go to the Canvas Video Guide. The videos are quick, clear ,and concise. They'll walk you through every step and offer tips along the way. For your convenience, you can access each topic in the Video Guide from the list below: