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Quick Tip #3

Student view and validate links buttons in Canvas

Student View and Canvas Link Validator

Student View

To see the student’s perspective on Canvas, you can use “Student View” to view the course, quizzes, discussion boards, etc., as a student. Enabling “Student View” creates a test student within your course, which enables faculty to complete tests, submit an assignment, and review these submissions in the Grade Book. 
Note: Attendance, conferences, conversations, collaborations, differentiated assignments, external apps, groups, peer reviews, and profiles do not work for the Test Student view. You will see only what has been published for students.
To access student view: 

1. Log into your Canvas Course.
2. Select “Settings” from your Course Navigation.
3. Select “Student View” on the right sidebar.
Learn more about how to preview your course in Student View here

Canvas Link Validator
Make sure your links work! The Canvas Link Validator is a tool that provides you with the ability to check all links within your course to ensure they are active and working properly. The Canvas Link Validator is also a great indicator of what items remain “unpublished” in your course. To access the Canvas Link Validator, select "Settings" from your course navigation menu, then "Validate Links in Content."
Note: Despite having this tool, we strongly recommend that you test all links to ensure they are directing students to the correct location. Learn more about the Link Validator here.