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Quick Tip #12

Assigning default grades and creating late submission policies in Canvas

Use the “Set Default Grade” option to quickly set unsubmitted assignments to “0.” The “Set Default Grade” option allows you to input scores for students who do not have scores or to overwrite already entered scores.

Default grade field in Canvas

Set default grades for your assignments

In course navigation, click “Grades.”

  1. Hover over the assignment title and click the drop-down menu.
  2. Click the “Set Default Grade” option.
  3. Type the default grade value in text box [1]. If you would like to overwrite existing grades for the assignment, select the Overwrite already-entered grades checkbox [2]. Click the Set Default Grade button [3].

View the grades to verify. Default grades are automatically entered for all students who do not have a grade. Grades can be changed by clicking the default grade and typing an updated score. Learn more about default grades.

The Late Submission Policy tool allows you to automatically deduct points on all late submissions. A submission is labeled late when it has been submitted past the due date. Note: Late submission policies apply globally to a course and are not assignment specific.

***Before enabling late policies in Canvas, be aware that they can be inflexible. Late policies should be set before grading submissions. Changing the Late Submission policy will affect all submissions that have already been graded.*** 


Late submission grade fields in Canvas

Late submission policies in Canvas

  1. Open your Gradebook, and click the Settings icon.
  2. Under “Late Policies,” click the “Automatically apply grade for missing submissions” checkbox.
  3. Set a percentage to deduct [1] for each late day or hour [2].
  4. To set the lowest grade a student can be awarded for a late submission, set a percentage in the “Lowest Possible Grade” field [3].
  5. Click the “Update” button.

View the affected grades in the Gradebook. Read more about late submission policies.