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Quick Tip #14

Creating Collaborative Student Groups

Instructors using Canvas can create groups that enable students to submit team assignments and facilitate collaboration. Groups help instructors manage and organize collective assignments. 

Student Groups are very flexible and can be used for semester long projects, individual assignments, peer review, or discussion boards. They can also be used to make content (files, assignments, individual pages) accessible only to certain groups. 

In Canvas, instructors can automatically generate groups, assign students to groups manually, or allow students to self-assign. 

Canvas Group Set Button

Groups can be managed and created in the "People" section of Canvas, which is accessible on the "Course Navigation" list.

To view student groups, click on the "Groups" tab at the top of the page. If you don't currently have groups setup in your course, this page will show a short description of how instructors can use groups in Canvas.

Group Set Button

In order to create a group for an assignment, project, or other reason, click on the "+Group Set" button at the top of the page. This will open a window where you can create and setup the parameters for your group.

Create Group Set Menu

In this window, instructors can allow students to sign-up for groups, split students into a certain number of groups automatically, or assign groups manually. If instructors are managing multiple sections within the same Canvas course, they can set groups to only include students from the same section. Once groups are setup, instructors can assign certain things to specific groups, allow individual groups to view certain pieces of content, or have specific due dates for groups.

For more information on Canvas Groups, visit the Canvas Community Guide on Groups.