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Quick Tip #15

Checking Grades and Submissions of Dropped Students on Canvas

Do you want to view grades or submitted assignments for a student who has dropped your course?

After a student drops a course, instructors still might need to verify completed assignments or grades. This is possible through the Canvas grade book. To view the grades or assignments for inactive students, navigate to the specific course. Next, click on the "Grades" section to access your grade book. Hover over the "Student Name" column heading. This will cause a vertical ellipsis to appear as shown below. 

Click on this ellipsis to open the “Student Name Options” menu. This will bring up a menu allowing you to sort and filter your grade book in various ways. In order to view inactive students, go to the “Show” section of this menu and click on the “Inactive enrollments” button. 

Student name options menu

This will add inactive students to your grade book. You can now view the grades and assignment submissions for a student who has dropped the course in the same way you view a student who is currently enrolled.