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Quick Tip #16

Using the Canvas Inbox

Inbox on Canvas Navigation Bar

The Canvas Inbox allows members of a course to communicate with each other. As the instructor, you can message all your courses, individual sections, groups, and individual students.

In order to access the Canvas Inbox, click on the "Inbox" button underneath the "Calendar" button on your global navigation bar, which is accessible on the left side of your screen wherever you are in Canvas. The Inbox page allows you to communicate with all your courses in one place. 

The top of the Inbox page displays a navigation bar (see below). The "All Courses" drop down menu opens a filter that allows you to view messages associated with a specific course section. The second drop down menu allow you to view your whole Inbox, unread messages, sent messages, or archived messages. The other buttons allow you to write new messages, reply, reply all, archive, and delete messages. The gear icon opens a drop down menu with options to forward, mark conversations as read or unread, and star conversations. 

Canvas Inbox Bar

Once you send a message, students will receive a copy in their UC email inbox. Instructors can also attach files to messages sent via Canvas. By default, instructors will receive an email copy of any message students send to them in the Canvas Inbox. However, instructors will not receive a copy of messages they send in Canvas. This can be changed in the Canvas Notifications settings. 

The Canvas Inbox has many features, so if you are interested in using it to communicate with your students, be sure to visit the Canvas Community pages. There are pages on using the Inbox, composing messages, finding unread messages, and filtering messages by course or group.