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Quick Tip #17

Ally Accessibility Checker in Canvas

UC recently enabled the Ally Accessibility Tool in Canvas. Ally scans course content to measure accessibility and shows instructors how accessible course material is in a quick and easy to read format. Based on the accessibility score, Ally will show a small dial to the left of the content you have uploaded. If you are familiar with Ally in Blackboard, then Ally in Canvas will look familiar. Ally should be enabled by default for all instructors. An example of what Ally might look like in your Canvas course is shown below.

Example of Ally Score

Green dials appear for files that are highly accessible, yellow for files that are somewhat accessible, and red for files that have little to no accessibility. The downward arrow button to the right of the file name provides different options for downloading a more accessible file.

Alternative formats download button

Students cannot see the dials showing accessibility scores. However, they can see the download button, which allows them to access a more accessible version of the file by clicking on the "Alternative Formats" button.

Instructors can view a file's accessibility score by clicking on the colored dial. This will open up a screen showing the file and any accessibility issues. Instructors can use this as a guide to remediate their course content for greater accessibility.

Accessibility Score