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Quick Tip #18

Adjust Assignment Availability

Instructors can restrict assignment submissions to only be open between certain dates. While students will still be able to see the assignment, they won't be able to submit work. Adjusting the availability of an assignment can be helpful if an instructor wants to prevent students from working ahead or if they want to set a cut-off date for turning in the assignment. 

Adjust Assignment Availability:

  1. Select the “Assignments” link from your Course Navigation menu.
  2. Select the assignment you want to adjust, then select “Edit.”
  3. In the “Assign to” section, you can specify who the availability applies to by assigning it to everyone or to specific students/groups in the class.
  4. Under the “Assign” dialogue box, set the due date, then enter the “Available from” and “Until” dates. 
Assign to window on Canvas

Students will not be able to submit assignments before the "Available from" date or after the "Until" date. In the screenshot above, for example, students will only be able to submit something between September 9th and September 22nd. They can still view the assignment, but they won't be able to submit anything after the 22nd. 

Any assignments submitted after the "Due" date will be marked "Late." If instructors want to close submissions for an assignment the moment it is due, just set the "Due" date and the "Until" date to the same times.

Instructors can also set separate due dates and submission windows to accommodate an individual student or a group of students. To add another due date, click on the "+Add" button at the bottom of the "Assign" window. This will create another "Assign" window with the same options. Enter the student or group names into the "Assign to" box of this new window. The due date, "Available from," and "Until" dates set by the instructor in this window will only apply to the specific students or groups in the "Assign to" box. Everyone else in the course will still have the original due date and submission windows.