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Quick Tip #19

Canvas Course Summary

Canvas automatically creates a Course Summary listing all tests, assignments, quizzes, and their due dates. Once you create and publish an assignment or test, it will appear in the Course Summary. The Course Summary is shown at the bottom of the "Syllabus" section in Canvas.

Course Summary example

The Course Summary allows students to quickly see what assignments are coming up and when they are due. They can also click on the assignment or test name to go directly to that assessment. If you change or update an assignment due date, it will automatically change on the Course Summary.

Currently, instructors cannot disable the Course Summary. However, in the coming weeks, Canvas will be adding a feature that allows instructors to hide their Course Summary. Once this feature is active, instructors will be able to disable their Course Summary by editing their syllabus and deselecting the option shown below.

Disabling course summary