COVID-19 Updates:

Quick Tip #4

Publish button in Canvas dashboard

Don't Forget to Publish Your Course and Redirect Students from Blackboard to Canvas

Don't Forget to Publish Your Course
Your course and all content within Canvas cannot be accessed by students until it is published. To update your course status, login to Canvas, access your course, then click on "Publish" in the top right-hand corner. 
Every item created (assignment, quiz, syllabus, etc.) is also in “draft state” until “published.” If your students cannot access your course or an item or assignment in your course, check that the course and each assignment has been published. You may also need to review date and time availability settings.  

Redirect Students from Blackboard to Canvas

Even though you are teaching your course in Canvas, there is also a version of this course in Blackboard. To avoid confusion, please set up an announcement in Blackboard to redirect students to the Canvas version of your course instead.

Login to your course in Blackboard and create an announcement. Feel free to use the language below or create your own:

Subject: This course is now in Canvas

Message: UC is transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas. To access this course, login into Canvas at: