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Quick Tip #8

Starred courses in Canvas dashboard

Organize Your Canvas Dashboard

Did you know you can organize your Canvas Dashboard?

The Dashboard is the first thing you will see when you log into Canvas and allows you to see what is happening in all of your current courses through the right sidebar. The Dashboard defaults to the course card view, which displays course cards for all your favorite courses. You can keep your Dashboard organized by selecting which course cards you wish to display. 

To add or remove a course card from your Dashboard:

  1. Select the “Courses” link from your Global Navigation menu.
  2. Select “All Courses.”
  3. Courses displayed on your Dashboard are indicated by a colored star icon to the left of the course name. 
  4. Follow the steps below to remove or add a course.

To remove a course card from your Dashboard:

  • Select the colored star next to the course which you wish to remove from your Dashboard. 

To add a course to your Dashboard: 

  • Select a blank star. The star will turn a color, indicating the course has been added to your Dashboard. 

Note: All changes will be saved automatically.