COVID-19 Updates:

While You Wait

All instructors and academic support staff should have a Canvas account and three sandboxes. At this time, course shells will be created at the request and with the permission of the home college only. To see when your college will begin offering courses in Canvas, please visit our Canvas Transition Page

Request an Account, Sandbox, or an additional Sandbox

If you find you do not yet have an account or sandbox in Canvas, or if you would like to have an additional sandbox added to your current account you can make your request by submitting an IT@UC Portal Incident Form. To do this, go to IT@UC and click "Report an Issue." After logging in, complete the the following information on the form: 

1. Insert the subject: “Canvas Account/Sandbox Request” 

2. In the Description field: 

  • Include the desired course name. 
  • Include a brief description of what the course will be used for.