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Why Canvas? 

Canvas is a cloud-based, learning management system (LMS) that is currently used by hundreds of colleges and universities, and features intuitive instructional workflows, improved collaboration and the ability to integrate with many external tools. Canvas provides a number of enhanced learning capabilities, many of which have been praised by the faculty, instructional staff and students:

Boost student engagement

Canvas features an easy-to-use, learner-centered, content-focused design with:

  • A consistent interface for students across courses
  • A single, connected, multi-course calendar

Canvas encourages students to learn from each other through:

Provide better (and simpler) feedback

Canvas makes it easy to provide effective feedback to enhance student learning by offering:

  • A holistic integration of learning outcomesrubrics, and grading
  • The ability to map student participation to learning outcomes
  • Simple grading with timely feedback options (SpeedGrader)
  • Specific, targeted feedback options within student work (DocViewer)
  • Rich, multimedia feedback options (including text, audio and video commenting in messages, assignments, course discussions, graded work and grade submissions) — without downloading and re-uploading files
  • Auto-saved grading!

Align student learning outcomes

Canvas offers easy-to-use tools for learning outcomes and rubrics to assist with organizing and aligning what students learn:

  • Map student efforts to course outcomes with clear paths to reach them
  • Coordinate program and course efforts to reduce duplication
  • Master Classes offer customizable archives of content modules