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The Graduate Association for Teaching Enhancement (GATE) is a student-run organization that is supported by the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning (CET&L). The purpose of GATE is to build an interdisciplinary community of practice to enhance the graduate school experience and teaching practice of students. Through partnerships with the Graduate School and Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) Program, GATE engages graduate students across disciplines who are involved in teaching assignments at the University of Cincinnati, interested in pursuing an academic teaching career, and/or passionate about excellence in teaching and learning.

GATE members facilitate interactive workshops focused on evidence-based and inclusive pedagogies, theoretical underpinnings of teaching and learning, and practical skills to improve course instruction, engagement, and assessment. In addition, GATE members offer one-on-one consultations to help graduate students with their personal teaching goals and needs.

Finally, GATE supports graduate students in bridging their graduate and professional experiences through basic career guidance, networking among graduate students and faculty, and emphasis on the relationship between scholarship and teaching. GATE members have opportunities for planning and presenting workshops, learning more about scholarship, taking on leadership roles, improving their own teaching, and building connections with other graduate students across campus.

Workshops 2018-2019


Teach Me To Teach -- GATE Workshop

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

CET&L - Langsam Library Room 480C

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This day-long workshop is intended primarily for graduate teaching assistants and instructors but all with interest in improving their teaching are welcome. Participants will be involved in hands-on activities and active discussions designed to improve teaching effectiveness and provide innovative and evidence-based pedagogical methodologies. The goal of this workshop is to provide participants with the skills and critical understanding necessary to enhance student learning. This workshop is offered by the Graduate Association for Teaching Enhancement (GATE) in conjunction with the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning. GATE is a graduate student lead organization dedicated to improving graduate student teaching at the University of Cincinnati.

After completing this all-day workshop, you will be able to:

  • Identify alternative methods to lecture-based teaching
  • Review and apply a variety of strategies and activities to improve active learning
  • Set the tone and expectations in the classroom
  • Gather student feedback to inform teaching 
  • Craft Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)
  • Compare and contrast expectations and realities of new faculty position
  • Identify key transferrable skills acquired as a graduate teaching assistant that help enhance a professional profile


Stay tuned for future GATE workshops!

Two graduate students at a GATE workshop

Workshop Registration

You can register for any GATE or CET&L workshop through Faculty Development OneStop.

CET&L workshops open to full and part time faculty as well as graduate students! Take advantage of this excellent professional development opportunity today!

GATE Consultations


To support great graduate student teaching, GATE provides confidential, personalized consultations to graduate assistants. These consultations are voluntary. The agenda is set collaboratively by the graduate student and the consultant. Consultations will begin with your teaching and learning goals as a starting point and then provide suggestions grounded in research to help you meet these goals. 

Consultation topics are varied, but might include:

  • Balancing teaching and scholarship obligations
  • Designing, tests, quizzes, and other classroom activities
  • Strategies for effective assessment and grading
  • Techniques for managing the classroom

GATE consultants are happy to speak with you about your individual goals and needs.

Additional Opportunities for Graduate Students


Academic Writing Center

All University of Cincinnati graduate students can utilize the Academic Writing Center for writing assistance regarding their coursework and final writing experiences. They offer appointments with graduate writing tutors and their website contains several resources specifically for graduate students. The Academic Writing Center is located in Langsam 401N.

Professional Development Opportunities

There are several professional development opportunities and for graduate students including preparing for the job search, teaching preparation, writing guidance, diversity & inclusion events, and more. Visit the Graduate School's website for more information about professional development resources, workshops, and events.

GATE Members



Anna Donnell

GATE Advisor

Assistant Director of CET&L

Julie Weast

GATE Faculty Mentor


Crystal Whetstone


Political Science

Ashley Johann


Romance Languages and Literatures



GATE BGSA Welcome 2 Fall 2017

Ben Merritt represented GATE at the Fall 2017 Black Graduate Student Welcome at the AACRC!

Pieter-Jan (PJ) Van Camp

Communications Officer

Biomedical Informatics

Ben Merritt

GATE Member

Biological Sciences

Tara Reilly

GATE Member

Romance Languages

Ayesha Casie Chetty

GATE Member



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CET&L Contact


For information about the Graduate Association for Teaching Enhancement, please contact the GATE advisor, Anna Donnell.

Anna Donnell