Our Work

CET&L promotes research-based best practices through programming that inspires, invigorates, and empowers faculty dedicated to the success of their students. Our core areas of expertise include: Academic Program Assessment, Course Design, Diversity and Inclusion, Gateway Instruction, the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies and Innovation, Textbook Affordability, and Universal Design for Learning and Accessibility.

Excellence Online at UC

The Return to Campus/Online work group has created a Canvas course site called Excellence Online at UC. This online teaching resource refines the most essential elements of UC's legacy of excellence in online teaching into several key areas of focus to help you prepare and teach a quality online course.

Academic Program Assessment

We support all academic program assessment including development of dicipline-specific assessment plans and evidence-collection, faculty training, overall implementation of plans, and curricular imporvements. We take great care to support the development of assessment plans within the academic scope and needs of programs and will work closely with you to develop meaningful assessment that speaks to the priorities and goals of your discipline.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

CET&L supports scholars from all academic disciplines in bringing their scholarly habits of mind and research expertise to the investigation of questions that affect student learning.

Great Gateways

The Great Gateways initiative is aimed at strengthening partnerships and collaboration to ensure positive outcomes for students in foundational courses across the University. By supporting sustained pedagogical enhancements, strategic resource allocation, and close communication we work to create meaningful experiences for faculty and students.

Teaching Strategies

CET&L works with members of the UC teaching community to integrate innovative and effective teaching strategies into their classrooms.

Course Design

CET&L’s backward course design model incorporates instructor self-reflection and student feedback to maximize student learning.

Universal Design for Learning & Accessibility

CET&L supports members of the UC teaching community in using the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), a research-based framework that promotes equitable opportunities to learn for all people, and in making courses more accessible.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Members of the UC teaching community can work with CET&L to find and implement strategies that create inclusive classrooms that engage, challenge, and value the contributions of all students.

Textbook Affordability

The University of Cincinnati is strongly committed to lowering the cost of textbooks and other learning resources for our students. UC has created a partnership led by the Provost’s Office that includes our UC Faculty, Faculty Senate, Student Government, UC Libraries, CET&L, our bookstore partner (Follett), IT@UC, and the Division for Administration and Finance. As part of that partnership, the Center serves as advocate and support for pedagogically-sound and affordable methods of course content delivery. Together, we are utilizing multiple strategies to reduce student spending on course materials.