Academic Program Assessment

Academic program assessment plans help us build and support common standards and mechanisms for student learning and program improvement university-wide. They give us ways to better understand student learning, to make changes to our curricula and our pedagogies in the interest of improving that learning, and then to define and explain the value and excellence of UC’s contributions to student learning at all levels, including faculty research and our involvement with the wider community.

Our Model


We will help you:

  • Identify and explain the purpose and process of assessment, including how assessment data might be used to identify strengths, weaknesses, and gaps within the curriculum that can be addressed to improve student learning;
  • Identify & evaluate the components of an assessment plan;
  • Draft a preliminary curriculum map for your program that identifies specific courses where program learning outcomes are addressed;
  • Define expected levels of student achievement and develop corresponding assessment methods to build a foundation for a comprehensive program-level assessment plan;
  • Develop a discipline-specific plan to gather, analyze, and interpret assessment data to determine how well student learning matches expectations.
  • Help revise/refine existing assessment plans based on feedback on prior implementation.

Annual Reporting Processes


The University Academic Committee (AC) supports two reporting pathways for annual assessment results from colleges and programs.

  1. The annual accredited program student assessment survey, which is attached here: Survey Draft;

  2. The Assessment of Student Learning Report for unaccredited academic programs. A draft of the report template is available here: ASLR.

Information gathered via the two will be centrally housed and shared annually with the Academic Committee and the Associate Deans Council. 

Surveys and reports for 20-21 academic year are due before Friday, September 24, 2021.



New Program Director and Chair Training

This biannual, 90-minute training offers new program directors and chairs an introduction to the university's program assessment processes, including the creation/use/review of program assessment plans, expectations regarding the implementation of assessment plans and continuous improvement efforts, and the accompanying university reporting processes for assessment activities and findings.

This program is offered each fall and spring.  

Program Assessment Plan Development Materials

CET&L created this archive (.zip file) as a repository for our resources related to creating an academic program assessment plan. The archive includes a Program Assessment Plan Workbook and accompanying materials.

Program Assessment and Shared Governance

The University Academic Committee (AC) is the university-level governance committee charged to review and recommend newly-proposed academic policies, procedures, and programs to the Provost that impact the university’s teaching, research, and service missions, including oversight and approval of program assessment plans.

Sample Research Proposal Rubric

This sample rubric is designed to assist faculty in the evaluation of their degree program’s ability to successfully prepare their students to propose graduate research. The rubric includes four broad evaluation criteria, and encourages the addition of criteria important to individual departments/programs.

Sampling Guidelines for Program Assessment

In an effort to provide guidance to programs regarding sampling, we've developed a brief document to walk you through several models and examples of sampling methods appropriate for continuous improvement efforts. 


The eCurriculum website contains resources and training materials for eCurriculum users regarding how to submit, edit, and review curriculum and program information.

Assessment Toolkit

The university's assessment toolkit includes general information regarding the use of program assessment, guidelines for using and developing Student Learning Outcomes, best practices in academic assessment, and guidelines for measurement. If you're looking for help with rubrics, information on "closing the loop," or other principles for good practice please visit the toolkit by going here: Toolkit.

CET&L Contact

If you would like to discuss Program Assessment strategies, please contact Bryan Smith.

Bryan Smith