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UC Faculty Senate Policies

The following recommended language is provided by the UC Faculty Senate. Links have been added where appropriate to support students and faculty in locating more information.

Instructors have the right to include statements in their syllabus indicating course-specific, different and/or additional information for their courses. Students should always refer to their course syllabus for course-related concerns.

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Students at the University of Cincinnati are expected to attend classes in order to meet the learning objectives for the course. Students are expected to follow the class attendance policy as outlined by the instructor. Students participating in official University sponsored activities, where the student is representing the University, will meet with instructor related to absences due to university-sponsored activities. When such absences occur, students need to provide documentation of the event(s), and work with the professor to develop a written plan for completion of missed assignments or other course requirements with as much advance notice as possible. Any absence due to official University business may still count against the total number of allowable absences.

For information about religious observances, please see the Registrar’s page.

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Class Cancellation

In the rare case that a class must be cancelled, faculty will post an announcement on the LMS that will be emailed to students.  Faculty will attempt to communicate class cancelations with as much advance notice as possible. Students should be sure that their LMS email is current and valid to ensure emails are received.

If the University closes due to inclement weather or other emergency situations, there will be an announcement posted on Blackboard (LMS) and if possible on the local news channels (TV and radio).  Communications related to University closures will also be sent to the student’s cell phone number on record through the automatic University emergency text messaging system. Students should notify the University if they change their cell phone number to ensure they will receive these important emergency communications.

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Academic Integrity

The University Rules, including the Student Code of Conduct, and other documented policies of the department, college, and university related to academic integrity will be enforced. Any violation of these regulations, including acts of plagiarism or cheating, will be dealt with on an individual basis according to the severity of the misconduct.

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Note the following language updates the title of the Accessibility Resources Office:

The University of Cincinnati is committed to providing all students with equal access to learning opportunities. Accessibility Resources is the official campus office that works to arrange for reasonable accommodations for students with an identified physical, psychological or cognitive disability (learning, ADD/ADHD, psychological, visual, hearing, physical, cognitive, medical condition, etc.) Students are encouraged to contact the Accessibility Resources Office to arrange for a confidential meeting to discuss services and accommodations. Contact should be initiated as soon as possible to allow adequate time for accommodations to be arranged.

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Title IX (Sex-Based Discrimination/Harassment & Sexual Violence)

Title IX is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of a person’s actual or perceived sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation. Title IX also address instances of sexual violence, dating or domestic violence, and stalking. If a student discloses a Title IX issue to a faculty member, the faculty member is required to forward that information to the Title IX Office. The Title IX office will follow up with the student and discuss how the University can take steps to address the impact on the student and the community.  They will also inform the student of their rights and direct them to available resources.  The priority is to make sure students are safe and successful here at the University of Cincinnati.  Students are not required to talk to anyone in the Title IX Office. Students may also directly report any instance of sex or gender-based discrimination, harassment or violence to the Title IX office at 513-556-3349.  Students who wish to know more about their rights and resources on campus, they can consult the Title IX website or contact the Title IX office directly at 513-556-3349.

Reports may be filed through the Title IX Office website.

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Counseling Services

Note: Confidential services can be found only using pastoral care, CAPS, and University Health Services. All others trigger a report being filed.

The university provides all students with access to counselling services. These:

  • Provide free, confidential crisis intervention, support groups, advocacy and ongoing individual counseling services to students who have experienced sexual violence, sexual harassment, stalking and/or intimate partner violence while enrolled at UC
  • Emergent walk-in services are available during office hours, 8:30 - 4:00 pm.
  • An after-hours helpline staffed by professional counselors available at (513) 556-0648

Counseling Services, Clifton Campus

Students have access to counseling and mental health care through the University Health Services (UHS), which can provide both psychotherapy and psychiatric services. In addition, students can receive three free professional counseling sessions upon request through the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). These sessions are not associated with student’s insurance coverage. Students are encouraged to seek assistance for anxiety, depression, trauma/assault, adjustment to college life, interpersonal/relational difficulty, sexuality, family conflict, grief and loss, disordered eating and body image, alcohol and substance abuse, anger management, identity development and issues related to diversity, concerns associated with sexual orientation and spirituality concerns, as well as any other issue of concerns. After hours, students may call UHS at 513-556-2564 or CAPS Cares at 513-556-0648. For urgent physician consultation after-hours students may call 513-584-7777.

Counseling Services, Blue Ash Campus

UC Blue Ash Counseling Services provides high quality integrated health, counseling, and wellness services. Mental Health and personal counseling services are free of charge to students who are matriculated as UC Blue Ash College students. Services address student needs such as self-esteem, family conflict, loss and grief issues, adjusting to life’s challenges, relationship problems, eating disorders, physical and/or emotional abuse, and domestic violence. Students who want an initial meeting with a counselor can call (513) 745-5670 or stop by Room 140 Muntz Hall to schedule an appointment. If after hours, please call CAPS Cares (main campus) using the 24 Hour Phone Consultation Line at 513-556-0648.

Counseling Services, Clermont Campus

The Compass Counseling Center provides students assistance in helping to deal with life’s stressors and adjustment to college life. All services provided to UC Clermont students are free and confidential. Some of the most common issues addressed at the center include transition to college life, stress from home, classroom performance, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, grief and loss, and substance abuse. Students are welcome and encouraged to walk into the Compass Counseling Center located in the Student Services Building, Room 201. Students may contact the office by calling (513) 732-5263. If after hours, please call CAPS Cares (main campus) using the 24 Hour Phone Consultation Line at 513-556-0648.

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