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Online Design Strategies

Most instructors provide students with course information and materials through Blackboard. CET&L works with Enterprise Academic Technologies (EAT) to support members of the UC teaching community in the pedagogical use of Blackboard. CET&L and EAT provide workshops and training ranging from best pedagogical practice (such as facilitating discussion boards) to hands-on technical skills (such as setting up discussion board groups). We also provide a series of online tools targeted at supporting instructors.

Our Model


CET&L and EAT support the members of UC's teaching community by:

  • Providing workshops and technical training;
  • Providing online videos and help guides;
  • Providing instructional design consultations for individuals, departments, or colleges;
  • Co-sponsoring the LT@UC Annual Conference.





Workshops and Technical Training Calendars

Listing of current CET&L workshops (Login to narrow Unit to CET&L)

Registration for workshops and training

Open Consultation Days schedule and information - This professional development event is an opportunity for faculty to work one-on-one with instructional technologists, designers, and support specialists on a walk-in basis.


Videos on Blackboard Pedagogical Use

This series of brief videos provide succinct information on best practices in Blackboard. Current videos are:


Semester start-up checklist

Each semester courses need to be reviewed, redeveloped, and adjusted. This handy checklist will help you be fully prepared. 


Best Practices for Instructional Videos

Instructional videos help students in many ways from building a connection to the instructor to providing a reviewable lesson. This written guide provides tips for instructional videos best practices as well as a full reference list. 


Best Practices for Discussion Forums 

Discussion forums can provide students with an opportunity to share and deepen their knowledge. Discussions can be much easier for faculty and students when designed in consideration of these specific tips. This includes a sample rubric, a sample of an email to unengaged students, and more. (Also see the brief videos Discussion Protocols and Facilitating Online Discussion Forums)


Best Practices for using Personal Response Systems ("Clickers") in the Classroom

Clickers are a great way to make your course more interactive. Whereas only a small number of extroverted students may actively participate in traditional classroom discussion, clicker questions elicit an active response from every student, and they may elicit greater participation in subsequent discussions (Keough, 2012). This article discusses the types of questions you can ask as well as processes for managing your question and student answers.


Resources from Colleges

Lindner College of Business Knowledgebase articles

College of Allied Health Sciences Center for Educational Technology & Instructional Support


CET&L & CEeL Contact

If you would like to discuss online courses, instructional design or effective use of the Canopy academic technology tools, please contact Anna Donnell to learn more about our programs, consultations, and additional resources. 

Anna Donnell