COVID-19 Updates:

Blackboard Semester Start-up Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure you have prepared your Blackboard course for the new semester.

Course Copy Management

☐ Perform course copy from master/previous course
               Click here for a walkthrough on course copy

☐ Adjust course menu content to match the source course

☐ Remove any duplicate material

☐ Preview content areas for extra/out of place content

☐ Clear course menu of any items that will not be used by students in the course


Updating existing content

☐ Change any dates referenced from previous course

☐ Update any linked files, esp. syllabus
               Click here for a walkthrough on adding content in Blackboard

☐ Update item availability for the beginning of class (showing and hiding the correct learning modules)

☐ Record new introductory videos if needed
               Click here for a walkthrough on using Kaltura in Blackboard

☐ Update textbook information (including ISBN) if needed

☐ Update assignment due dates in the grade center

☐ Update biographical information as needed (e.g. phone, office location, personal publications list)

☐ Update any assignments based upon previous student outcomes


Final items

☐ Make your course available to students
               Click here for a walkthrough on opening your course to students

☐ Send an announcement to students to let them know the course is open