Teaching Strategies

CET&L supports members of the UC teaching community in integrating innovative and effective teaching strategies into their classrooms. Our work highlights evidence-based teaching practices and local examples of teaching excellence in areas such as active learning, student engagement, and universal design for learning. We provide opportunities for instructors to reflect on their own teaching practice, identify promising new teaching strategies, integrate the strategies into their classrooms, and collect evidence of student learning. We do this by:

Our Model

CET&L is committed to supporting the members of UC's teaching community by:

  • Building and sustaining an interdisciplinary network of faculty who are leaders in improving teaching and learning through our Faculty Learning Communities, Workshops, and Institutes;
  • Serving as a central hub for resources to help instructors integrate and evaluate new teaching strategies;
  • Supporting peer observation of teaching;
  • Providing tailored consultations for individuals, departments, or colleges;
  • Highlighting examples of excellent teaching at UC.

Our support can range from helping an individual instructor integrate a new active learning strategy into a course to working with a department or college to improve their students’ learning.

Active Learning Techniques and Descriptions


Thinking about the role of active learning in your course can help you determine which strategy would be most beneficial. We have categorized active learning strategies into Exercises for Individuals, Questions and Answers, Immediate Feedback, Critical Thinking Motivators, and Cooperative Learning Exercises in this guide.

MSU's Online Instructional Resources (OIR)

Michigan State University's Office of Faculty and Organizational Development website has reviewed thousands of teaching resources available on the web. Their website provides an annotated listing of a selection of these resources, divided by topic and level (basic vs. advanced).

CET&L Contact

If you would like to discuss integrating innovative and effective teaching strategies, please contact Anna Donnell to learn more about CET&L programs, consultations, and additional resources. 

Anna Donnell