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Early Term Feedback (ETF)

What is early term feedback?

Early Term Feedback (ETF) provides student input early in the semester, typically in week 4 or 5 for a full semester course, so that instructors have the opportunity to reinforce course strengths and make quick adjustments to enhance student learning. ETF is a formative assessment tool -- in essence, a short survey -- that allows you to engage students, address relevant questions or concerns, and make changes to your course you deem valuable based on their feedback.

Why early term feedback?

  •     It enables faculty to make meaningful changes quickly and efficiently.  
  •     It promotes student engagement.  
  •     It encourages active listening/learning.
  •     It addresses student questions and points of confusion. 
  •     It is easily implemented in large and small classes.  
  •     It has the potential for improving end-of-course evaluations.

The process

1. Create your ETF survey Note: We recommend that responses be anonymous. CET&L has streamlined the questions based on pilots of the program and in consultation with faculty to the following three:

  •     What features of this course contribute most to your learning?
  •     What changes can the instructor make to enhance your learning?
  •     What can you do to improve your learning?

To ensure a high response rate, we recommend using a paper survey if possible. You can also create a ditigal survey  in Canvas using the survey option in Quizzes or in Blackboard using Survey. To provide a truly anonymous survey, we recommend using a tool outside of Canvas or Blackboard. For instructions using Canvas, visit the Canvas Guide on creating surveys. For instructions using Blackboard, visit IT@UC’s Knowledge Base on creating a Blackboard ETF survey. If you would like to create your own Early Term Feedback survey, CET&L is more than happy to meet with you to develop your own questions and help you choose how you would like to deliver the survey. Simply request a consultation through our website.

2. Tell your students about ETF Provide notice to your students on how they will receive the ETF survey, how long they have to complete the survey, explain the purpose of collecting this information, and how it will be used.

3. Collect and analyze the student response data Identify common themes and areas of response/improvement based on student feedback. Strategize how to best implement changes and communicate the changes as well as a summary of student responses to your students.  CET&L is more than happy to meet with you for a consultation to analyze your data and determine what changes you may want to make in your course based on student responses. Simply request a consultation through our website.


ETF Process Guide  

This process guide provides questions that will help you plan how you will use ETF as well as graphic organizers to help you interpret the student results.

Sample ETF Survey 

You are welcome to use this sample ETF survey in your courses.

CET&L Contact

If you would like to discuss using Early Term Feedback in your courses or review student responses, please contact:

Anna Donnell