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Peer Observation

Peer Observation can be used to learn about techniques that others use in their teaching, reflect on teaching and learning from multiple perspectives, gather formative information about your own teaching, or provide evidence which you can use to document your teaching effectiveness. Whenever possible, consider setting up a partnership with another instructor where you will each be observed and serve as an observer.

It is helpful to meet before the observation to discuss what the intent and focus of the observation will be as well as how the observations will be recorded. A post-observation debrief is also extrememly useful to provide greater insight into pedagogical choices and summarize the key things that the observer learned from the process.


Peer Observation of Teaching Guidelines

These guidelines describe the process of Peer Observation including tips for before, during, and after the observation. 

Sample Peer Observation of Teaching Form

This sample observation form provides room for notes on the classroom environment as well as observations during the class period and questions for follow-up during the observation de-brief.

CET&L Contact

If you would like to discuss using peer observation or would like to arrage for a CET&L staff member to conduct a teaching observation, please contact Anna Donnell.

Anna Donnell