Active Learning Fellows Program

Faculty and students in ALC

The Active Learning Fellows Program is on hiatus during Summer and Fall of 2018.

If you are interested in teaching in the Active Learning Classroom - Langsam 462 during Summer 2018 Session A, 2nd Half-Term Session E, or Session B, please contact Anna Donnell to apply.

If you are teaching in an Active Learning Classroom (defined as a space with desks/tables in pods/groups and usually additional technology) you are welcome to work with CET&L through consultations to develop a course specific plan. We are also happy to work with faculty who would like to incorporate specific active learning strategies in any classroom space through consultations.


The Active Learning Fellows (ALF) program allows faculty to work with like-minded colleagues who are dedicated to exploring the use of classroom space and approaches in their classroom that meet the needs of today’s students. As a cohort, faculty engage in critical reflection to guide implementation of active learning strategies to promote student success. To aid in this work, the Center helps faculty to develop a course-specific plan to infuse classroom activities and assessments to meet teaching and learning goals.

Active Learning Fellows participate in four cohort meetings (2 prior to semester, 1 mid-semester and 1 end of semester), regular electronic communication, consultations with CET&L staff, classroom observations, and gathering student feedback. In addition, CET&L staff may ask to photograph and/or film your class with your students’ permission.

The Active Learning Fellows Program is open to all faculty teaching at UC.


Application Schedule

Active Learning Fellow applications are accepted on a semester basis during the term prior to the course offering

  • February: Applications for Summer Courses
  • July: Applications for Fall Courses
  • October: Applications for Spring Courses

Active Learning Classroom - Langsam 462


Langsam 462 CAD drawing

Faculty that apply to the ALF Program have the option of being considered to teach in the Active Learning Classroom (ALC) - Langsam 462 which has a maximum capacity of 48 students. UC Libraries, in collaboration with the Provost's Office, remodeled the space, located in Langsam Library on UC's West Campus in Summer 2015. The ALC is a centrally-located, multi-use space that leverages flexibility and technology. The space features a curved glass wall for added visibility, modular furniture and technology that facilitates collaboration including Echo360, Apple TV, Air Media, and six wall mounted computers.


Faculty comments about teaching in the Active Learning Classroom - Langsam 462:

“Student work is the center in Active Learning Classroom. It gave me permission to experiment in productive ways, especially with group work”

“The room is cool, but equally as important is the course consultant and meetings with the other faculty to challenge the way I view my course and bounce ideas off of one another.”

"The openness of the space facilitates greater collaboration and more robust discussion."

"The room allows me to change my role with my students. It's not as scary for students to come up to the front."

Past Fellows


Spring 2018

  • Aaron Bradley: PD 2070 Professionalism and Purpose for Fine Artists
  • Whitney Gaskins: ENFD 1005 Collaborative Calculus 2
  • Rachel Gleason: HLSC 4035 Exercise and Youth
  • Judy Hampel: ENGL1001 English Composition
  • Heather Nester: PD 1011 Introduction to Cooperative Education
  • Craig Perry: HOST 2038/ JUDC 2038/ HIST 7038 Introduction to Medieval Jewish History
  • Dean Stocker: Phys 1052 General Physics II (Algebra based)
  • Ryan Therkelsen: MATH 1061 Calculus I

Fall 2017

  • Brooke Crowley: ANTH/GEOL 4048C/6048C Zooarchaeology
  • Stefan Fiol: MUHS 9082 Theory & Historyiography in Ethnomusicology
  • Susie Mahoney: PD1010 Introduction to Co-op
  • Ashley Webber: HNRS 1010 Gateway to University Honors

Summer 2017

  • Jerry Jordan: OLHR 3053 Organizational Assessment and Evaluation
  • Cedrick Kwuimy: MET 2073 Strength of Materials

Spring 2017

  • Trefor Bazett: MATH 1045 Applied Calculus II
  • Evan Torner: FILM 2008 Game Studies
  • Anton Harfmann: AVE 5002, CVE 5002, CM5010 Senior Capstone for Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Construction Management
  • Martin Andersen: DMC 2130 Introduction to Filmmaking

Fall 2016

  • Lora Arduser: PWRT 5128/6028 Publishing and New Media
  • Matt Irvine: DMC 2130 Introduction to Filmmaking
  • Michael Odio: SMGT 3010 Sport Management
  • Joyce Malek: ENGL 1001 English Composition - UC Stories
  • Laura Micciche: ENGL 2005H Topics in Rhetoric: Writing, Running, and Documenting Cincinnati
  • Cynthia Ris: ENGL 1001 English Composition - UC Common Read A Deadly Wandering

Summer 2016

  • Crystal Clough and Yu-Juan Jien: MATH 2073 Differential Equations
  • Juli Uhl: BIOL 2081C Cell Biology and Genetics
  • Elliott Manzon: MKTG 4021 New Product Development

Spring 2016

  • Noel DeJarnette: MATH 1062 Calculus 2 
  • Michele Griegel-McCord: ENGL 1002 English Composition Freshman Seminar, Exploring Social Media
  • Eugene Rutz & Richard Gass: ENGR 3015 Honors Engineering, Environment, and Society 
  • Tom Mobley: OLHR 2070 Organizational Leadership and the Law 



Learning Spaces Teaching Guide 

Vanderbilt University's Center for Teaching created this Learning Spaces Teaching Guide, which includes resources for designing and using flexible learning spaces.

Considerations for Teaching in an Active Learning Classroom

The University of Minnesota's Center for Educational Innovation provides this list of considerations for teaching in an active learning classroom. The site includes general considerations as well as resources related to the following specific challenges: room issues, dealing with noise and distractions, tips for effective group work, methods of engaging students, and using the technology.

Beyond Active Learning: Transformation of the Learning Space

In this EDUCAUSE Review article, Mark S. Valenti argues that the next generation of active learning spaces will include the capability for creating and making.

CET&L Contact

For information about the Active Learning Fellows Program or to learn more about the ALC - Langsam 462, please contact Anna Donnell.

Anna Donnell