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The Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Writing Group


The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Writing Group provides a supportive community to keep members motivated and accountable as they work toward a scholarly publication on teaching and learning. The group’s structure draws on research demonstrating that writing productivity increases when faculty write regularly in small chunks and have a supportive community to whom they are accountable.

SoTL Writing Group members will have one face-to-face meeting, a beginning of semester mini-retreat to meet one another and get set up for a productive semester. In addition, over the course of the semester, members will commit to daily writing (for example, half an hour a day) and logging their progress and barriers online in a shared Blackboard Organization for peer support and accountability. Finally, members will be paired with another group member to provide ongoing writing support. Applicants should already have a topic in mind and be ready to begin (or continue) writing in the field of teaching and learning.

Meeting Schedule (Spring 2020)

The SoTL Writing Group is currently on hiatus.

What Past Participants are Saying

The messages, stories, quotes and other provocations are uplifting and inspiring. I appreciate the coaching you offer us, as well as the suggestions of various strategies to try out.
Having a writing partner to whom I am accountable has been useful. She is awesome. We discuss not only our writing and our studies, but also our frustrations with the work/home balance. It has been very positive for me.
Communicating with my writing partner has been going well--we touch base every Friday via email to check up on each other's progress and offer encouraging sentiments.  The knowledge that someone is checking in with me weekly has been most beneficial as far as keeping me motivated to work on my writing more regularly.
I think the most important change now is that I am accountable for the writing, and need to arrange time every week to write. This is actually good, since if I do not dedicate the time to write, it will be used on something else.

CET&L Contact

To learn more about the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Writing Group, please contact Beth Faller.

Beth Faller