Universal Design for Learning & Accessibility Faculty Learning Community


The Universal Design for Learning & Accessibility Faculty Learning Community (UA-FLC) brings together a diverse group of instructors to explore Universal Design for Learning (UDL).  UDL is an educational framework that guides the development of flexible learning environments that can accommodate a diverse population of learners. Participants will explore the guiding principles of UDL in relation to their own disciplines to create inclusive and accessible classrooms.

The goals of the UA-FLC include:

  • Developing a common understanding of the principles of UDL and how they promote inclusivity and engagement in the classroom

  • Gaining awareness about accessibility issues related to student success

  • Creating an interdisciplinary community of instructors who support one another in trying out new pedagogies related to UDL

  • Providing a network of colleagues who share insights and lessons learned as they continue to develop as reflective practitioners

Community meetings are aimed at providing a space to experiment with new ideas in a supportive environment that leads towards growth and reflection in the practice of teaching. In addition to participating in seminars, group discussions, and classroom activities led by community members, individuals will work on re-designing course work with a UDL approach and present their insights to the community. 

Meeting Schedule

The UA-FLC is currently on hiatus.

CET&L Contact

To learn more about the UDL & Accessibility Faculty Learning Community, please contact Kimber Andrews.

Kimber Andrews