A&S iPad Project

Faculty and students in ALC

The A&S iPad Project involves a cohort over 25 faculty working to enhance teaching and learning through the use of an iPad in a supportive community. In collaboration with the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning (CET&L) and the Center for Excellence in eLearning (CEeL), this projects aims to foster a culture of continuous improvement in teaching with technology. Faculty began meeting in the summer of 2017 to become comfortable using the iPad and many began incorporating the iPad into their teaching and work during the fall 2017 semester. Cohort members are continuing to modify how they use the iPad through the spring 2018 semester as well as gathering feedback and evidence of the impact on their teaching and work.

A&S iPad Project goals:

  • Enhance a culture of continuous improvement in teaching with technology
  • Support a model of inquiry-based scholarship around pedagogical change
  • Create further student engagement through active learning practices
  • Enhance personal instructor growth with direct- and peer-support models
  • Build community along shared interest and teaching practices

Examples of integrating the iPad into teaching


Polling - Several of the cohort members are using live polling to both assess student understanding of key concepts during the class, and to inspire discussions based on open ended questions.

Video - Some cohort members have utilized the video and editing features of the iPad to document student work in class, make instructional videos to supplement lecture and create video answer keys that give detailed instructions for TA's on how to grade assignments.  

Research and Organization - Many cohort members have been exploring apps aimed at streamlining the research process and organizing digital records.

Annotation - Cohort members have used the iPencil to make comments on documents, including student work.

Cohort Members


Zvi Biener

Svea Braeunert

Steve Carlton-Ford

Donna Chrobot-Mason

Craig Dietsch

Robert Haug

Gergana Ivanova

Sarah Jackson

Nancy Jennings


Yu-Juan Jien

Heidi Kloos

Jim Knippling

Peter Langland-Hassan

Jade Lin

Amy Lind

Rebecca Lindeberg

Heidi Maibom

Therese Migraine-George

Josh Miller

Tom Mobley

Mihaela Poplicher

Valeria Sergueenkova

Melissa Shyan-Norwalkt

Kate Sorrels

Juli Uhl

Dan Waddell

Yanyu Xiao

A&S iPad Project Team

Bryan Smith - Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning

Kimber Andrews - Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning

Anna Donnell - Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning

Mike Mitchum - Center for Excellence in eLearning

Mike Suit - Center for Excellence in eLearning

Jason Day - Center for Excellence in eLearning

A&S iPad Open House


All members of UC's teaching community are invited to attend the A&S iPad Open House on Monday, April 2, 2018 11am-1pm in Langsam 462. Cohort members will share how they have incorporated the iPad into their teaching and attendees will have time to engage in discussion and ask questions.

Register Now

Registration closes March 28th.

Session 1 - 11:00am-11:40am Presentations

  • Efficient and fun iPad petrography - Ensemble looking and learning about rocks under the microscope
  • Using the iPad to change the physical and pedagogical space of the classroom
  • Socrative for polling and quizzes

Session 2 - 11:40am-12:20pm  Round table discussions

  • Reading German Literature in the Digital Age
  • Wiki as a Tool for Content Mastery
  • Videos in and out of the classroom
  • Facilitating collaborative research using the iPad
  • Using iPad to facilitate student engagement outside of the classroom
  • Using Explain Everything App to create static and video content for both students and Teaching Assistants

Session 3 - 12:30pm-1:00pm Presentations

  • Using LiquidText for Paper Review
  • Using Socrative and the Ipad to gather sensitive student info
  • Easy Video for Online Courses (and is it worth the time?)

CET&L Contact

For information about the A&S iPad project, please contact Anna Donnell.

Anna Donnell