AEM Basic Author Training

Thanks for your interest in gaining access to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to help us create and maintain a dynamic web presence at UC!

Currently, there is one training available to UC employees, AEM Basic Web Author Training on Blackboard. This page will be updated as additional trainings become available.

Follow these steps to complete training and request access:

  1. Log on to Blackboard
  2. Go to Courses in the top navigation
  3. Click Browse Course Catalog
  4. Search AEM Basic Author Training
  5. Under the Course ID, click the drop down arrow and select Enroll
  6. Read the Overview section
  7. Launch Course and complete all modules—this is required to receive access to AEM
  8. Take the assessment—a score of 80% or higher is required to receive access to AEM*
  9. Read the Next Steps section and follow the instructions to request access

*If your score is lower than 80% on the final assessment please review the modules again and retake the assessment.