Administrative Review Committee

  • A student is referred to the Administrative Review Committee if:
    • The student disputes responsibility and/or sanctions assessed at the procedural review hearing; OR
    • The administrator exercises the right to forward a case.
  • The student will be notified of the date, time, and location of the hearing via email.
  • An ARC for Title IX cases consists of: 
    • Hearing Administrator (only votes in a tie)
    • Two faculty/staff - see * below for those trained to hear Title IX cases
  • An ARC hearing for non-Title IX cases consists of:
    • Hearing Administrator (only votes in a tie)
    • Two faculty/staff (quorum of one)
    • Four undergraduate (quorum of three) or two graduate students

Administrative Review Committee Members

Hearing Administrators:

Aniesha Mitchell*

Director, SCCS

Or designee of Director



Faculty/Staff Members:

Chris Allen* Finance
Holly Bante* Research
Betty Bauer* Finance
Dona Clary Lindner College of Business
Chris Collins* Information Technology
Rosalyn Collins Student Affairs
David Custer* Research
Ryan Fields* Database Administration
Rachel Hartley* Pharmacy
Beth Hussey* Athletics
Alexa Justice* Arts and Sciences
Jackie Lewis* Nursing
Brandi Lewis* Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning
Theresa Little* Lindner College of Business
Susie Mahoney* Professional Practice and Experiential Learning
Susan Mantel* Lindner College of Business
Lauren Martin* Registrar
Brice Mickey* Student Affairs
Emily Paolucci* Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning
Danielle Petermann* Arts and Sciences
Jamie Reynolds Nursing
Staci Rucker Law School
Monica Ruscher* Student Affairs
Stephanie Schuckman* Medical School
Zach Shirley Student Affairs
Mandy Shoemaker* Honors
Kenneth Simonson Engineering
Suehyun Strakowski* Enrollment
Rebecca Tehan* Nursing
Megan Tischner* Graduate School
James Tomaszewski* Law School
Jill Uhl* Technology
Felicia Wallace* Student Affairs
Portia Watkins* Student Affairs
Catherine Weidner* Information Technology
Cheri Westmoreland* Student Affairs
Amy Wheeler* Graduate Admissions
Anthony Williams* Student Affairs
Peyton Wu* Student Affairs
*Trained to hear Title IX cases


Student Members:

Khaled Aboumerhi Jenn Adamec
Stephanie Adamec Tobin Anderson
Madison Asrat Camille Arlapen
Ezra Babcock Tosha Bapot
Zebulon Black Sean Brown
Catherine Buck Kelly Buerk
Clement Coleman
Jillian Cordial
Rachel Dornoff Nicholas Feldman
Daniel Ferguson Ethan Fernandes
Dominique Francisco Grant Galvin
Kennedy Goolsby Danielle Graham
Alesha Hamilton
Ankit Kansal
Radheya Kulkarni
Kirsten Lucas
Samuel Mangold-Lenett Tyler Mitchell
Nischala Nagisetty Mi Nguyen
Katherine Reinhart John Roth
Christina Shoemaker
Clara Smith
Sarah Stoner Bethany Waleri
Alyse Weinstein

Graduate Student Members:

Abishek Balsamy Kamaraj Steven Chen
Eric Dornoff Emily Jennings
Corey Griffen Katherine Paul
Greg Moore Siddharth Sridhar
Corey Griffin