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Administrative Review Committee

  • A student is referred to the Administrative Review Committee if:
    • The student disputes responsibility and/or sanctions assessed at the procedural review hearing;
    • The student fails to appear for two scheduled procedural reviews; or
    • The administrator exercises the right to forward a case.
  • The student will be notified of the date, time, and location of the hearing via email.
  • An ARC hearing consists of:
    • Hearing Administrator (only votes in a tie)
    • Two faculty/staff
    • Four undergraduate or two graduate students
  • The Hearing Administrator will send a hearing recommendation to the AVP for Student Life/Dean of Students and the student
  • The AVP for Student Life/Dean of Students may concur, modify, or remand the recommendation and notify the Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards.
  • The student has 5 days to appeal the recommendation.
View more information on the Administrative Review Committee in section (4)(b) of the Student Code of Conduct.

Administrative Review Committee Members

Hearing Administrators:

Aniesha Mitchell*
Director, OSCCS
Or designee by Director  

University College Faculty/Staff Members:

Christopher Allen* Financial Aid
Erica Forrest* Wellness Center
Arnett Glassco* Engineering
Carol Tonge Mack* Arts & Sciences
Kenneth Simonson Engineering
Chris Stone* Athletics
Brandy Turnbow* Women's Center
Susie Mahoney*
Brice Mickey*
Jeffrey Logsdon*
Club Sports

Student Members:

Colin Baker*

Alesha Hamilton

Joseph Dimauro

Eric Dornoff*

Andrew Dowers*

Christal Hamons*

Brandon Livengood*

Naomi Hone*

Johnathan Avant

Khalil Gatlin

Jeremy Morall*

Liza Lyman*

Alex Misali*

Arie Meyer

Rachel Dornoff*

Connor Bryan*

Kelsey Randolph*

Ethan Fernandes

Graduate Student Members:

Mike Czarnecki*
Siddharth Sridhar* Janae' Collier-Green*
Morgan Cummins    

 *Completed Title IX training