Program Design

UCCI had developed a four-phase process to support the design and implementation of an evidence based model of programming. As part of the process, we will oversee the development/modification of the program model along with the implementation of the model. This will include training and coaching of staff, and the provision of a framework for quality assurance.


4 Phase Program Design Flowchart

Click here for an overview of UC's design to implement Evidence-Based Practices into programs.

UCC has partnered with more than 25 agencies to provide program design services including;

  • Ohio Department of Youth Services
  • Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections
  • North Dakota Department of Corrections
  • California Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Washington department of Corrections
  • Volunteers of America, Greater Ohio
  • GEO, Incorporated

Program Design in the News:

"Offender Programs Report" Volume 19, No. 3 recently published an article written by UCCI staff members entitled: Implementing an Evidence-Based Program Model: A Real World Approach to Effective Correctional Treatment.