The Emeriti Association & Center engages membership, creates programming, and organizes events with our various standing committees and subcommittees.


Promote mentoring opportunities across the university.


  • Chair: Bruce Ault


  • Chair: Bruce Ault
  • Members: Joanna Mitro, Howard Tolley

UCBA Mentoring

  • Contact Person: Greg Metz

Transition to Retirement

Collaborate with the Provost’s Office in promoting a smooth transition to retirement for faculty.

Transition to Retirement

  • Chair: Deborah Degroot-osswald
  • Members: Lynn Davis, Mike Magazine


  • Chair: Geof Yager
  • Members: Bert Huether, Tom Wagner, Bruce Ault, Audrey Miller, George Vredeveld

Intellectual Opportunities

Promote relevant, stimulating presentations, wellness events, and international opportunities for emeriti.

EmeritTALKS / Luncheon Speaker Series

  • Chair: Ken Skau
  • Members:  Bert Huether

Health / Wellness

  • Chair: Laura Kretschmer
  • Members: Sue Brammer

Oral History

  • Members: Bert Huether, Gene Lewis


  • Co-Chairs: George Vredeveld, Ralph Katerberg
  • Members: Jerry Paul, Anne-Marie Jezequel, Kathy Burlew, Ann Hoard, Don Bogen, Dan Durbin, Cora Ogle, Connie Cooper, George Babcock, Tim Sale

Arts / Culture

Provide opportunities for emeriti to attend musical/theater performances and other cultural and social events.

  • Chair: Terry Milligan
  • Members: Bert Huether, Cynthia Lockhart, Mary Stucky

Awards / Honors

Plan and implement events to honor emeriti.

Recognition Dinner

  • Chair: Pat Kumpf, George Suckarieh
  • Member: Pat Mezinskis


Provide volunteer opportunities for emeriti both within the University and the greater Cincinnati community.

  • Chair: Bob Endorf
  • Members: Jeanie Wolf, Andrea Wall

Membership and Development

Implement Strategies that promote growth of the Emeriti Center.

  • Chair: Pat Mezinskis