Association Events

EmeriTALKS / Luncheon Speaker Series

EmeriTALKS and the Luncheon Speaker Series present expert speakers and distguished professionals in an interview format or as a lecture. Speakers share their knowledge and experiences with diverse audiences -- comprised of emeriti, the university community, and people from greater Cincinnati. 

Board of Directors Meetings

The Board of Directors of the Emeriti Association & Center meets monthly to review and discuss topics relevent to the administration and governance of Emeriti Association & Center, and to make decisions on budgeting and future projects. 

Annual Recognition Dinner

The Annual Recognition Dinner invites current emeriti, administrators, faculty, family, and friends to gather and recognize new members of the Emeriti Association & Center. The evening's program includes presentations by a roster of notable speakers, all in celebration of new membership.

Arts and Cultural Events

The Arts and Culture committee organizes an annual calendar of events specifically for emeriti that contains performances, social activities, and culturally significant outings -- on campus, in the local area, and beyond.
Details about the events listed above, plus information about other events, are posted in our newsletter, Emeriti Connection