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Statement from the Board of Directors of UC's Emeriti Association 

June 2020

We are enraged, appalled and saddened by the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. This event and other recent killings of innocent, unarmed African-Americans have brought to public awareness, both in our country and throughout the world, the brutal and malicious treatment that African-American citizens have endured for too many years.

It is unacceptable that our Black brothers and sisters continue to suffer and die from racial inequities, racial bias, and racial violence.  Racism in our country is insidious, pervasive and systemic.  These times call upon us to reinforce our core values of equality, fellowship and community, and challenge us to work to promote justice and end racism.  All citizens and organizations must revisit our common commitment to work for a more compassionate and loving world.

The Emeriti Association of the University of Cincinnati stands in solidarity with our African-American students, staff, faculty, administration and the Greater Cincinnati community as we experience these painful times, and we reaffirm our commitment to work with diligence to eradicate prejudice and injustice in our communities and in our daily lives.  We will continue to strive for a more perfect union, one that is inclusive, respectful and fair for all.   “We, the people…” means each and every one of us.

The above statement represents the collective view of individuals who comprise the Board of Directors of the Emeriti Association. It does not necessarily represent the views of other persons associated with the Emeriti Center or the University of Cincinnati.

Annual AROHE Conference

10th Biennial Conference: Transforming Retirement

October 18-20, 2020, Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ

The Association of Retirement Organization in Higher Education is an organization dedicated to gathering, disseminating, and fostering practices, and programs for all stages of faculty and staff retirement to bring about a smooth and productive life-course change. The Annual AROHE Conference is an important event within the organization, which hosts members from around the nation. There they discuss upcoming decisions within the organizations, give out awards to members for their different achievements, and host panels to spread information and knowledge. Going to an AROHE national conference is one of the premiere events that a retired member of higher education can attend, as the topics covered hold a strong weight within the organization and for its members.

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