Staff Excellence Awards

2019 Staff Excellence Award Winners
2019 Staff Excellence Award Winners
Award Recipient Department Title Nominated by
Jonathan Barber A&S Business Office Business Data Reporting Analyst Marcia Miladinov
Laura Carnaghi Pharmacy Academic Affairs Associate Director Academic Brad Hein, Pankaj Desai, Jill Boone and Patrick Wigle
Leah Chamberlain CECH Student Services Center Director Academic Laura Dell
Amber Kuftic UCBA Academic Support Program Coordinator Jennifer Wells
Sigmund Maley A&F Central Utility Operations Stationary Engineer Apprentice I Mike Hofmann
Kiana Million CON Academic Affairs Program Director Jamie Heck
Elizabeth Pawley LCB Career Services Assistant Director Career Develop Placement Angie Lucas, My Dinh and Kevin Hardy
Sharon Reddert CECH Arlitt Center Business Administrator Vicki Carr
Danielle Signorile CECH Criminal Justice Administrative Director Larry Johnson
Cynthia Treacy A&S Research & Graduate Studies Assistant Director of Grants Danielle Bessett, Michael Riley and Farrah Jacquez
The 2019 UC Staff Excellence Awards Program
The 2019 UC Staff Excellence Awards Program
The 2019 UC Staff Excellence Awards Program
2019 Staff Excellence Award Nominees
Nominee  Department Title Nominated By
Kylie (Dorsten) Jergens UCBA OneStop Assistant Director Academic Jennifer Wells
Pat Achoe Achoe College of Pharmacy Director of Diversity and Inclusion Neil MacKinnon
Michael Alfieri UCL Research, Teaching & Services Assistant Director Academic Deborah Tenofsky
Joseph Allen A&F Central Utility Operations Stationary Engineer Lead Mike Hofmann
Christian Amann Graduate School IT Computer Info Analyst I James Mack
Hanna Awadalla A&F Office of Human Resources Sr. Manager HR Business Partner Sara Houk
Matthew Behrman CECH Education Educational Adviser Daniele Bond
Becky Bogart CON Business Office Sr. Financial Administrator Anne Murphy
Jodi Bridges A&S Communication Business Administrator  Alyssa Wallen
Kelly Broscheid CECH- School of Information Technology Associate Director Academic Selena Ramanayake
Bryan Brown Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Senior Research Associate Kelly Cohen
Tricia Burger LCB Management Manager of Unit Operations Craig Froehle
Regina Coates CECH Evaluation Services Center Business Manager Jacinda Dariotis
Erin Cochran CECH Criminal Justice Business Administrator Hexuan Liu, Sarah Manchak and Kathleen Wright
Chris Collins ITUC Center for Virtual Environments Sr. IT Manager Janet  Staderman
Sheri Cottingim DAAP Program Manager Gjoko Muratovski
Carole Donnellon CECH Dean's Office Assistant Director Business Affairs Deborah Telfer
Angela Duke COM Internal Medicine Admin Research Associate To Yolanda Wess
Teneisha Dyer CECH Recruiting  Director of Student Rcruitment Dale Tolbert
Josie Evans-Phillips CECH Innovations & Community Partnership Director Elizabeth Jean-Baptiste
Stacy Felchner A&F Real Estae & Community Admin Real Estate Specialist II Megan Smith
David Finney RES Human Research Protection Program Research Compliance Analyst Angela Braggs-Brown
Melanie Fulton College of Pharmacy Dean's Associate Neil MacKinnon
Amiee Gibson A&F Grounds, Moving & Transportation Program Manager Beth Rains
Erin Grant CON Business Office Financial Analyst 2 Anne Murphy
Lori Griffin Executive VP for Academic Affairs Executive Assistant to Provost Chris Lewis
Kim Haas Neurology Project Coordinator Rose Beckmann
Kea Hardy EM Advising & Academic Services Sr. Academic Advisor Donnie McGovern
Debbie Hausman A&F Utilities & Technical Support Associate To Mike Hofmann
Sherry Hetzer LCB Business Affairs Sr. HR Coordinator Julie Menchen
Katie Hicks CECH Education Assistant Director Academic Daniele  Bond
Dawn Hundley OneStop Associate Director of OneStop Student Services David Tenbosch
Jodie Hunter A&S Physics Business Manager Amy Jones
Keisha James A&F Benefits Retirement Plan Specialist Regina Sapona
Nancy Jamison COM Family Medicine Medical Student Education Program Manager Barbara Tobias
Hal Jankowski UC Online Business Officer Daniel Brummett
Kaitlyn Johnson CECH Innovations & Community Partnership Associate To Sarah Lawson
Amy Jones A&S Research & Graduate Studies Sr. Grant Administrator Jodie Hunter
Kevin Kingman UCBA Advising Sr. Academic Advisor Jennifer Wells
Stacy Klems Surgery Academic Administrative Assistant Elizabeth Shaughnessy
Ben Kline UCL Research, Teaching & Services Assistant Director Rebecca Olson
Emily Kregor Graduate School IT Software Applications Developer II Nathanael O'Der
Marilyn Kump LCB Management Executive Staff Assistant Bina Ajay
Jennifer Lange A&S English Business Administrator Jennifer Lin
John Lawson Pharmacy Academic Affairs Software Applications Developer Brad Hein
Jennifer Lewis LCB Undergraduate Advising Assistant Director Academic Catalin Macarie
Nicholas Lotts Pharmacy Academic Affairs Sr. Computer User Support Specialist Brad Hein
Stephanie Mack CAHS Clinical and Health Information Sciences Program Manager Nancy Colletti
Joey Marks Clermont Facilities/ Tech Services Computer User Support Specialist II Dawn Hundley
Skyler Martin LCP Information Technology Help Desk Supervisor II Mary Gorman
Ashley McFarland LCB Undergraduate Administration Manager Special Projects and Programs Brian Fanelli
Brian Mitchell A&F Construction Engineer 2 Megan  Smith
Sarah Muncy UC Press Assistant Editor Publications Elizabeth  Scarpelli
Jillian Nolte COM Internal Medicine  Program Coordinator Julie Karpe
Sarah O'Connell International Services International Services Adviser Diane Wick
Shelley Paden School of Criminal Justice  Associate Director Academic Christina  Campbell
Scott Pena CECH Recruiting  Enrollment Services Adviser Nicole Washington
Matt Pickett A&S Advising Sr. Academic Advisor Bobby Gray
April Poteet Academic Affairs Manager Special Projects and Programs Chris Lewis
Corbin Purdum CECH Recruiting  Enrollment Services Adviser Scott Pena
Michael Quarles A&F Grounds Maintenance/Equipment Maintenance Grounds Laborer II Beth Rains
Jennifer Radt Clermont Student Affairs & Services Sr. Director Student Affairs & Services Wanda Poling
Beth Rains A&F Grounds, Moving & Transportation  Director Grounds, Moving and Transportation  Debbie Hausman
Logan Reames A&F HR Staff Success Center Sr. Staff Development Specialist Tina Mahle
Tammy Roads COM Internal Medicine Pulmonary Clinical Research Director Alexandria Davis
Nicole Ryan A&F Office of Human Resources HR Manager Matthew Crawford
Corrine Sams College of Pharmacy Student & Alumni Affairs Director Admissions Kelly Epplen
Kim Schmidt A&F Recreation Center Director Campus Recreation Center Emily Piercey & Emilie Fleming
Shelly Sherman A&F HR Business Partner Team/Recruitment Executive Director Talent Management Sara Houk
Kamellia Smith A&S Mathematical Sciences Program Coordinator Nancy Diemler & Michael Goldberg
Richard Stackpole Clermont Academic Affairs Sr. Assistant Dean Dawn Hundley
Janet Staderman CECH Communiversity Program Director Academic Larry Caras
Trish Stewart Clermont Administrative Services Sr. HR Manager Mona Sedrak
Keith Sun LCB Career Services Assistant Director Career Develop Placement Melissa Newman
Regina Tassell UCL Administration Associate To Kathi Miniard
Lacey Tomlinson EM Advising & Academic Services Assistant Director Donnie McGovern
Kelly Vearil UCBA Veterinary Technology Sr. Laboratory Associate Jennifer Wells
Lori Vine Clermont Humanities Program Manager Kathleen  Hulgin
Julie Wagner CECH Human Services Assistant to the School of Human Services Laura Nabors
Steve Wagner A&F Bulding Services - Campus Services Associate Director Building Services Jacquelyn Huber
Toshia Watkins LCB Accounting Manager Unit Operations Maureen Bruns
Elizabeth Wetzel OoI Technolocy Transfer & Commercialization Program Manager Grant Hoffman
Daniel Wright EM Advising & Academic Services Sr. Academic Advisor Donnie McGovern