Accepted Papers


●       A Comparative Analysis of Game Engines to Develop Core Assets for a Software Product Line of Mini-Games by Martín V. A. Sierra Galvis, Maria Constanza Pabón, Luisa Fernanda Rincón Pérez, Andrés Adolfo Navarro-Newball, and Diego Linares (industry innovation paper)

●       A Double-Edged Sword? Software Reuse and Potential Security Vulnerabilities by Antonios Gkortzis, Daniel Feitosa, and Diomidis Spinellis (research paper)

●       A Flexible and Efficient Approach to Component Test in Time-Critical Scenarios by Xiaojing Bao, Zhenxing Wang, and Xiao Chen (industry innovation paper)

●       ACO-RR: Ant Colony Optimization Ridge Regression in Reuse of Smart City System by Qiaoyun Yin, Ke Niu, Ning Li, Xueping Peng, and Yijie Pan (research paper)

●       An Improved Approach for Complex Activity Recognition in Smart Homes by Nirmalya Thakur and Chia Y. Han (research paper)

●       Automated Support to Capture Creative Requirements via Requirements Reuse by Quoc Anh Do, Surendra Raju Chekuri, and Tanmay Bhowmik (research paper)

●       Automatically Extracting Bug Reproducing Steps from Android Bug Reports by Yu Zhao, Kye Miller, Tingting Yu, Wei Zheng, and Minchao Pu (research paper)

●      Behavioral Evolution of Design Patterns: Understanding Software Reuse through the Evolution of Pattern Behavior by Derek Reimanis and Clemente Izurieta (research paper)

●      Developing a Flexible Simulation-optimization Framework to Facilitate Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems Designs through Software Reuse by Yang Yang and Ting Fong May Chui  (industry innovation paper)

●       Examining the reusability of Smart Home applications: A Case Study on Eclipse Smart Home by Vivian Smiari, Matina Bibi, and Daniel Feitoza (research paper)

●       Extending FragOP Domain Reusable Components to Support Product Customization in the Context of Software Product Lines by Daniel Correa, Raul Mazo, and Gloria Lucia Giraldo Gómez (research paper)

●       NLI2Code: Reusing Libraries with Natural Language Interface by Qi Shen, Bing Xie, Yanzhen Zou, Zixiao Zhu, and Shijun Wu (research paper)

●       “Reuse on Steroids”: Reuse of Code, Compliance Tools, and Clearing Results by Arun Azhakesan and Frances Paulisch (extended abstract)

●       Searching Software Knowledge Graph with Question by Wang Min, Zou Yanzhen, Cao Yingkui, and Xie Bing (research paper)

●       SemiTagRec: A Semi-supervised Learning based Tag Recommendation Approach for Docker Repositories by Jiahong Zhou, Wei Chen, Guoquan Wu, and Jun Wei (research paper)

●       Slicing Based Code Recommendation for Type Based Instance Retrieval by Rui Sun, Hui Liu, and Leping Li (research paper)

●       Sustainable Software Reuse in Complex Industrial Software Ecosystem: The Practice in CFETSIT by Yixiao Li, Zhubin Chuan, Tong Wu, Yijian Wu, Xin Peng, and Gang Zhang (extended abstract)

●      Towards a Software System for Facilitating the Reuse of Business Processes by Konstantinos Athanasopoulos, Georgios Theodoridis, Christos Darisaplis, and Ioannis Stamelos (research paper)

(last update: April 5, 2019)