Innovative Uses of Technology in Teaching Award

  • Purpose

Co-sponsored by the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning (CET&L) and the Center for Excellence in eLearning, this award seeks to honor an individual faculty member who has applied technology in innovative and effective ways to enhance teaching and to improve student learning. This award comes with a $1000 honorarium.

  1. The competition is open to all UC faculty.

To be considered, nominee will have taught at the University of Cincinnati for at least one full year, at the rank of instructor or higher, prior to submitting their nomination package.

We accept both self-nominations and nominations by others. 

  1. DEADLINE : The deadline for dossiers to be submitted to the Center for Enhancement of Teaching & Learning (online form) is Monday, Dec. 3, 2018. Dossiers must include:
    1. A cover letter of nomination.
    2. Supporting materials.

The following must be included with the nomination:

A. A nomination narrative which provides

  • A description of how the nominee has incorporated the technology into courses, including specific examples of new ways in which the technology is applied;
  • An explanation of how the use of this technology has led to greater student engagement and/or improved student learning;
  • An explanation of how improved student engagement or improved student learning bolsters the department or the college or the university or the community;
  • An explanation of how the particular use of this technology can be readily sustained and replicated in other courses;
  • A review of why the nominee should receive this award.

B. A letter of support from the head of the nominee's academic unit.

C. A letter of support from a student articulating how this particular application of technology affected the student's learning.

D. A statement of agreement that the award winner will conduct a CET&L workshop (or workshop series) in order to help guide other faculty members as they improve their use of technology in teaching and learning in similarly innovative and effective ways.

E. A statement of agreement that the award winner will agree to an interview for either a written and/or video article reflecting their technology use for the UC website.

  1. Notification

The “Innovative Uses of Technology in Teaching Award” Committee will notify the Provost's Office and the President's Office by Jan. 18, 2019 of the winner selected. The Committee will notify nominees no later than Feb. 15, 2018 and the awardee will be recognized at Faculty Awards Celebration scheduled for Spring 2019.


Please direct all questions to:
Bryan Smith, PhD
Director, Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning
Phone: 513-556-6382

Note on Selection

The recipient’s selection is subject to a final verification by the Provost confirming the current good standing of the awardee.