Human Relations Committee

Charge:  The charge of the Human Relations Committee is to monitor existing practices and policies and recommend new policies and practices to ensure a supportive environment that promotes increased diversity and inclusion at the University. The committee shall also administer award selection processes and Faculty recognition. The committee shall interpret its role broadly, addressing itself to specific issues and, in addition, serving as a source for a just University community. Chair of this committee is also Chair of the Faculty Senate Award for Exemplary Service to the University of Cincinnati.

Membership:  6 members are elected for 2-year, staggered terms (3 in odd years, 3 in even years).

Chair:  Brian Metcalf (A&S)


Beth Monnin (UCBA)

Deborah Schwytzer (CoN)





Wanda McCarthy (UC Clermont)

Kay Seo (CECH)